Coastal Gifting

Alabama has been blessed with some of the finest natural white sand beaches and dunes in the nation. The Gulf Coast’s iconic sandy beaches are not just prime real estate for sunbathing, fishing, building sandcastles and other recreational activities. They also provide a critical nesting and foraging habitat for many sea turtles and birds, including the piping plover and the endangered Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle. The Alabama beach mouse, pelicans, laughing gulls and sand crabs also depend on our beaches.

With natural and man-made disasters, endless cycle of natural erosion and artificial accretion effecting our beaches, it takes many volunteer programs such as Share the Beach to keep the wildlife safe.

Beach re-nourishment is a way of life for our community. We work to maintain healthy beaches and dunes with the planting of sea oats and other dune restoration vegetation to promote the natural building of sand dunes. You can be a parts of this!

Flowers by the Shore now creates one of a kind florals, including table, wedding and reception arrangements with a variety of plants that can be used for beach refurbishment after your big event. Become a part of our community through Coastal Gifting at your upcoming event.


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